P0WNAG3 Cyber-Security Summit by TrainACE | #P0WNAG3

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So, Why Exactly Should You Attend P0WNAG3???

Us - We are bringing this Threat Intelligence and mobile app hacking Summit to the Washington, DC area on Wednesday, 11/6/13 from 8:30am until 7:00pm.

You - Why?

Us - Because!! Threat Intelligence and mobile hacking are emerging, very important, extremely cool concepts in Cyber Security that everyone needs to have a great grasp on, but not many do. That’s why. Is that a good enough reason for you? Sheesh!!

You – Ummm, OK, cool.

Us - Now that we are done arguing, the goal of the event is to examine some successes and failures within the current, rapidly growing state of threat intelligence in the cyber security community. There will be two sessions for threat intel, featuring approximately multiple panelists in each session and the sessions will feature demonstrations and discussion from some of the most prominent figures in the threat intel community.

In the afternoon we will feature mobile application hacking techniques lead by Joe McCray from TrainACE and CEO of Strategic Security. Yes, we will be demonstrating live mobile application hacks right there.

You –
That sounds pretty dang sweet! Will there be snacks?

Us –
We will be catering lunch, bam! And... When its over at the end of the day, there is a happy hour, double bam! And...included in your registration is one drink ticket, triple bam!

You –
Anything else I can walk away with at the end of the day?

Us –
Apparently, everything is about you here. But, yes, we will also be issuing 8 CPE / CEU’s for attendees of this event, so you can hang on to those certifications that you worked so hard to achieve in the past.